Vote For Hillary Pack

Released: 2016

White Cards:

  • The Bernie Sanders Revolution
  • Letting Bernie Sanders rest his world-weary head on your lap.
  • Slapping Ted Cruz over and over.
  • A beautiful, ever-expanding circle of inclusivity that will never include Republicans.
  • Black lives mattering.
  • Donald Trump holding his nose while he eats pussy.
  • The fact that Hillary Clinton is a woman.
  • Kicking the middle class in the balls with a regressive tax code.
  • Keeping the government out of my vagina.
  • The systemic disenfranchisement of black voters.
  • Increasing economic inequality and political polarization.
  • Eating the president’s pussy.

Black Cards:

  • When you go to the polls on Tuesday, remember: a vote for me is a vote for ___.
  • As reparations for slavery, all African Americans will recieve ___.
  • Senator, I trust you enjoyed ___ last night. Now, can I count on your vote?