Tabletop Pack

Released: 2014
Summary: This expansion for Cards Against Humanity is an Indiegogo reward for people who backed Season 3 of TableTop. Contains 3 Black Cards and 12 White Cards specific to the Geek and Sundry show, TableTop!

White Cards:

  •  A German-style board game where you invade Poland.
  • An owlbear.
  • A Wesley Crusher blow-up doll.
  • A zombie with a tragic backstory.
  • The porn set that Tabletop is filmed on.
  • A disappointing season of Tabletop that’s just about tables.
  • The pooping position.
  • A marriage-destroying game of The Resistance.
  • Condensing centuries of economic exploitation into 90 minutes of gaming fun.
  • Victory points.
  • Spending 8 years in the Himalayas becoming a master of dice-rolling and resource allocation.

Black Cards:

  • Hey, you guys want to try this awesome new game? It’s called ___.
  • For my turn, I will spend four gold and allocate all three workers to ___.
  • Backers who supported Tabletop at the $25,000 level were astonished to recipe ___ from Wil Wheaton himself.


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