Post-Trump Pack

Released: 2016
Summary: Originally released with a “Trump Bug Out Bag” full of goodies for the inevitable end of the world under the cheetopocalypse. Later released as a standalone pack with 20 Pesos, Tomato seeds, a stylish locket, and simple Spanish phrases to help you communicate with your future brethren.

White Cards:

  • Mild amusement
  • Casual dismissiveness.
  • A gnawing sense of dread.
  • Rage.
  • Desperately hurling insults at Donald Trump as he absorbs them into his rapidly expanding body.
  • Trying to wake up from this nightmare.
  • Finding out democracy might not be such a great idea.
  • President Donald Trump.
  • Bringing millions of dangerous, low-paying manufacturing jobs back to America.
  • Whipping lower-class white men into a xenophobic frenzy.
  • Making Islam illegal.
  • The purging of the disloyal.
  • World Wars 3 through 5.
  • Nuclear winter.
  • Roaming through a wasteland of windblown trash and deserted highways.
  • A black-alley abortion from a Mexican cyborg doctor.
  • A father and son fighting each other over the last scrap of bread.
  • Burying my only son.
  • Extra rations for my litter girl.
  • Drinking urine to survive.
  • Trying to remember what music was.
  • A legitimate reason to commit suicide.

Black Cards:

  • Donald Trump has nominated ___ for his VP.
  • Donald Trump’s first act as president was to outlaw ___.
  • In 2019, Donald Trump eliminated our national parks to make room for ___.