PAX 2014 Prime Panel Pack

Released: 2014
Summary: During a panel at PAX Prime 2014 the audience pitched ideas to the Cards Against Humanity staff. The 10 best ideas were turned into a pack available to the audience members at a later date.

White Cards:

  • No Survivors.
  • The beautiful sport or Turkish oil wrestling.
  • Pooping as quietly as possible.
  • Pelvic sorcery.
  • A neck beard that is 10% cheese.

Black Cards:

  • The Discovery Channel presents: ___ week.
  • Like ___, State Farm is there.
  • Bob Ross’s little-known first show was called “The Joy of ___.”
  • During my first game of D&D I accidentally summoned ____.
  • Buzzfeed presents 10 pictures of ___ that look like ___.