PAX 2013 Pack

Released: 2013
Summary: An exclusive pack available at PAX Prime 2013.

White Cards:

  • Full HD
  • The gravity gun.
  • Reading the comments.
  • 70,000 gamers sweating and farting inside an airtight steel dome.
  • Allowing nacho cheese to curdle in your beard while you creep in League of Legends.
  • Achieving the manual dexterity and tactical brilliance of a 12-year-old Korean boy.
  • Rolling a D20 to save a failing marriage.
  • The collective wall of every Magic player suddenly realizing that they’ve spent hundreds of dollars on pieces of cardboard.
  • Being an attractive elf tapped in an unattractive human’s body.
  • Temporary invincibility.
  • The Sartacc.
  • Filling every pouch of a UtiliKiltâ„¢ with pizza.
  • Bowser’s aching heart.
  • Mario Kart rage.
  • Nude-modding Super Mario World.
  • An angry stone head that stomps on the floor every three seconds.
  • Yoshi’s huge egg-laying cloaca.
  • The Cock Ring of Alacrity.
  • Offering sexual favors for an ore and a sheep.
  • A homemade cum-stained Star Trek uniform.
  • Unlocking a new sex position.
  • The boner hatch in the Iron Man suit.
  • Never watching, discussing, or thinking about My Little Pony.
  • Turn-of-the-century sky racists.
  • The decade of legal inquests following a single hour of Grand Theft Auto.
  • A fully-dressed female videogame character.
  • Buying virtual clothes for a Sim family instead of real clothes for a real family.
  • Google Glass + e-cigarette: Ultimate Combo!
  • Tapping Serra Angel.
  • Charles Barkley Shut Up and Jam!
  • Legendary Creature – Robert Khoo.
  • Winning the approval of Cooking Mama that you never got from actual mama.
  • Eating pizza that’s lying in the street to gain health.
  • Getting into a situation with an owlbear.
  • Grant Theft Auto: Fort Lauderdale.
  • A madman who lives in a policebox and kidnaps women.
  • SNES cartridge cleaning fluid.

Black Cards:

  • The most controversial game at PAX this year is an 8-bit indie platformer about ___.
  • What made Spock cry?
  • ___: Achievement unlocked.
  • There was a riot at the Gearbox panel when they gave the attendees ____.
  • In the new DLC for Mass Effect, Sheppard must save the galaxy from ___.
  • What’s the latest bullshit that’s troubling this quaint fantasy town?
  •  No Enforcer wants to manage the panel on ___.