PAX 2013 Pack B

Released: 2013
Summary: 2 of 3 exclusive packs available at PAX East 2013.

White Cards:

  • Loading from a previous save.
  • Sharpening a foam broadsword on a foam whetstone.
  • The rocket launcher.
  • The depression that ensues after catching ’em all.
  • Violating the First Law of Robotics.
  • Getting inside the Horadric Cube with a hot babe and pressing the transmute button.
  • Punching a tree to gather wood.
  • Spending the year’s insulin budget on Warhammer 40k figurines.

Black Cards:

  • Action Stations! Action Stations! Set condition one throughout the fleet and brace for _______!
  • In the final round of this year’s Omegathon, Omeganauts must face off in a game of _______.