Mass Effect Pack

Released: 2017
Summary: Released as a collaboration with the BioWare team based on the video game series to cross promote Mass Effect: Andromeda.

White Cards:

  • Totally fuckable aliens.
  • My complicated backstory that you will soon learn about.
  • The Genophage.
  • Falling in actual love with a video game character.
  • Space racism.
  • An emergency induction port.
  • Running a few errands before saving the galaxy.
  • An armored Krogan war-clitoris.
  • An extremely long elevator ride.
  • Bone-shattering sex with a metal woman.

Black Cards:

  • We were the two best hand-to-hand combatants on the ship. I had reach, but she had ___.
  • It turns out The Reapers didn’t want to destroy the galaxy. They just wanted ___.
  • Coming this spring from BioWare, Mass Effect: ___.
  • I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite place for ____ on the Citadel.