Holiday Pack 2014

Released: 2014
Summary: Originally released as 7 different packs throughout a “12 days of Christmas” theme.

White Cards:

  • First Last. [for those who didn’t partipate in 12 Days of Bullshit]
  • First Last’s butt. [for those who did partipate in 12 Days of Bullshit]
  • A protracted siege.
  • 200 years of slavery.
  • Harnessing the miraculous power of the atom to slaughter 200,000 Japanese people.
  • Rock music and premarital sex.
  • This groovy new thing called LSD.
  • Blockbuster late fees up the wazoo.
  • The Bowflex Revolution.
  • Reading an entire book.
  • All the poop inside of my body.
  • A vague fear of something called ISIS.
  • The diminishing purity of the white race.
  • Ebola.
  • Trying to feel something, anything.
  • Small-town cops with M-4 assault rifles.
  • The 9,000 children who starved to death today.
  • The transience of all things.

Black Cards:

  • Here lies First Last, Year-2015, devoted friend, lover of ______.
  • Dear Mom and Dad, Camp is fun. I like capture the flag. Yesterday, one of the older kids taught me about ______. I love you, Casey
  • Honey, Mommy and Daddy love you very much. But apparently Mommy loves ______ more than she loves Daddy.
  • Today on Buzzfeed: 10 pictures of ______ That look like _______!
  • Why am I so tired?