Fascism Pack

Released: 2015
Summary: An exclusive foil pack of Cards Against Humanity cards about YA literature’s favorite type of government. Available only through this Kickstarter campaign.

White Cards:

  • Cloning Hitler.
  • Disco Mussolini.
  • Electro-Stalin.
  • Running an entire genre of moustaches.
  • Whatever brave hero killed Hitler.
  • Breaking news about what Hitler’s penis was like.
  • Donald Trump’s personal copy of Mein Kempt.
  • An orgasm so powerful you travel back in time and jizz in Hitler’s Face.
  • Straight up fucking loving authority.
  • Hitler’s sound economic policies.
  • The cyanide pill you keep on your person at all times.
  • Being open to new perspectives on the Holocaust.
  • The Yad Vashem World Center for Holocaust Research.
  • Presenting your documents at a checkpoint.
  • How cool Nazi airplanes are.

Black Cards:

  • Leni Riefenstahl’s last movie was called Triumph of _____.
  • Before swallowing his pride and a cyanide pill, Adolf whispered to Eva, “Sorry about _____”.