To err is human.

04/03/17: Added US Exclusives, Mass Effect Pack, and Sci-Fi Pack.

11/26/16: Added a Contact page. Edited the Trump Bug Out Bag Pack to the Post-Trump Pack. Added the Hanukkah LOL Pack, the Fascism Pack, and the Green Box. Trying to wait and see if CAH’s change to the original 6 expansions is permanent before moving them into one page.

08/28/16: Added the Vote For Hillary & Vote For Trump packs. The ‘view all’ pages are outdated at the moment. Thinking of reformatting the site. Who knows. Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t.

08/25/16: Added the Trump Bug Out Bag Pack. I will update with the other political packs when they come in the mail.

06/27/16: Added Reject Pack 2 and the World Wide Web pack. Omitting the Nerd Pack as it’s only a ‘best of’ the first 6 six PAX packs and doesn’t include anything new.

11/29/15: Removed PAX Prime 2015 Pack because it was replaced by the Food Pack. Also added the Fantasy Pack. Tried to clean up the site a little more and added summaries where I could. Considering adding the art pack but it’s in a closet in the other room and it’s Sunday so let’s be honest; It ain’t happening.

08/30/15: Added PAX Prime 2015 Pack.

05/03/15: First draft finished. More “all” pages coming. Expect base game versions and “discontinued cards” coming soon.